Die DJI Go App enthält nun ein aktiviertes Geofencing System

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Die DJI Go App enthält nun ein aktiviertes Geofencing System

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Die DJI Go App enthält ab sofort ein aktiviertes Geofencing System.
Damit können berechtigte Personen sich für einen Flug in einer Sperrzone freischalten.
Ansonnten würde der Kopter automatisch nicht abheben.

Die dazugehörige Go App hat die Version:

Android v2.8.2
IOS v2.8.4

What's New in Version 2.8.4

1. Added support for Ronin-MX and M600.
2. Introduced the GEO system for improved flight safety (currently available in 17 countries including the United States, major EU countries and UAE).
3. Optimized the Editor to allow editing and posting images and videos to Instagram.
4. Added support for Alipay.
5. Added 360 panoramic view in SkyPixel.
6. Improved account login and registration process.
7. Bug fixes.



The industry-leading Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) software will help pilots avoid flying drones near airports and other sensitive locations, and automatically updates with temporary flight restrictions around wildfires to help protect authorized firefighting aircraft and help ensure fire crews can operate without disruption.

“Safety is DJI’s top priority, which is why we first introduced geofencing technology three years ago and have been steadily refining the industry’s best technology to enhance aviation safety,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, who led the development of the new system. “Drone pilots want to fly safely, and our GEO system helps DJI customers fly responsibly while also enabling the full capabilities of remotely piloted aircraft.”

GEO improves upon DJI’s earlier No-Fly Zone technology by including permanent restrictions around prisons, nuclear power plants and other sensitive locations, as well as temporary restrictions for large stadium gatherings and national security events. It also introduces flexibility for drone pilots by giving them the ability to unlock some restricted areas where they have permission to operate.

Quelle: http://www.dji.com/newsroom/news/dji-go ... ing-system


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