Firmware Update v1.1.410 für P4 erschienen.

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Firmware Update v1.1.410 für P4 erschienen.

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Heute ist ein Firmware Update auf v1.1.410 für die Phantom 4 erschienen.


1. All-in-One firmware version updated to: v1.1.410
2. DJI GO app iOS version updated to: v2.8.2
3. DJI GO app Android version updated to: v2.8.1

What’s New:
1. Added a feature to automatically turn off the Front LED while shooting still photos or videos. Enable this feature in the “Camera Settings” section of the DJI GO app.
2. Optimized altitude adjustment logic so that the aircraft automatically adjusts its altitude according to changes in terrain while using ActiveTrack (available when the aircraft is flying within 10 meters of the ground).
3. Optimized camera and lens spectrum parameters.
4. Improved Propeller Guard recognition to reduce the chances of misdetection.
5. Changed the notification tone for gimbal initialization.


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