DJI hat nun spezielle ESC's für Racer im Programm - Takyon Z4

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DJI hat nun spezielle ESC's für Racer im Programm - Takyon Z4

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DJI hat nun spezielle ESC's für Racer im Programm die Takyon Z4 Serie


SHENZHEN, July 21, 2016 - Today, we’re delighted to announce the DJI Takyon Z4 Mini series of electronic speed controllers designed specifically for drone racing. Thanks to a custom-designed System on a Chip (SOC) and intelligent motor control algorithms, these light and compact ESCs are extraordinarily fast and ultra-accurate. These are some of the things that make the Takyon Z4 Mini ESC series ideal for racing platforms:

Compact, Low-weight

The Takyon Z4 Mini ESC series is designed with an integrated 32-bit DJI motor drive chip working at frequencies of up to 100 MHz. Integration reduces size and drops weight to just 1.6g.

Maximum Compatibility

Built-in flux observation and self-adaptation control technologies enable the Z4 Mini ESCs to work with a wide range of square-wave driven brushless motors, as well as High KV motors used for racing, without need for manual tuning.

Easily Setup and Tune

The rotation direction of the aircraft motors can quickly be changed by manually spinning them in the desired direction, without changing parameters or reconnecting the ESC cables, saving valuable time during a race. Use the new, intuitive DJI Assistant 2 to effortlessly configure a wide range of parameters and update to the latest firmware version.

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