Neue App "Commender" für iOS veröffentlicht.

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Neue App "Commender" für iOS veröffentlicht.

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Es wurde eine neue App mit dem Namen "Commender" für iOS veröffentlicht.

Mit dieser App kann man das Gelände überfliegen und davon 2D und 3D Karten erstellen.


Download Skycatch COMMANDER iOS App and transform your DJI drone into a professional mapping tool

Yesterday saw the launch of one the most powerful new mobile apps built on the DJI SDK: COMMANDER by Skycatch.
With this new iOS app, pilots can easily create high-resolution maps and 3D models by planning and safely flying autonomous missions in just a few simple steps. Data can be automatically uploaded for automated cloud processing and accessed via the Skycatch Dashboard to view, analyze, and share with clients and company personnel.

As the advancement of commercial drone technology continues to reveal increasing economic benefits in the commercial world, the DJI SDK and software solutions like Skycatch built on top if it enable small and medium-sized business from a wide range of industries to adapt the technology to their needs.

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