Neue Firmware für Inspire 1 - v1.7.0.90

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Neue Firmware für Inspire 1 - v1.7.0.90

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DJI Releases New Firmware for the Inspire 1

Es gibt ein Firmware Update für die Inspire 1 mit X3 Kamera auf die Version v1.7.0.90


New firmware updates are available for the Inspire 1 and Osmo, please visit the respective product pages to download and update your firmware.

The Inspire 1 firmware version number is updated to v1.7.0.90, and the Osmo firmware version number is updated to v1.5.2.0.

DJI GO app iOS version is updated to v2.7.1 and Android version is updated to v2.7.0.

For the Inspire 1:

Major Updates:

1. Added auto saving of gimbal roll-axis fine tuning settings. Settings now save on power off.

2. Fixed gimbal misalignment issue when powering on.

3. Added Digital Zoom Control when recording video at 720p, 1080p and 2.7K. Put two fingers on the screen and pinch to zoom out, open your fingers to zoom in (up to 200%).

4. Optimized D-Log and D-Cinelike color space.

5. Improved camera system stability by capping single video recording to 30 minutes.


1. This firmware can be downgraded to v1.6.0.40 or later only.

2. Camera version v1.7.0.90 and aircraft version v1.6.0.40 should be displayed on DJI GO as this update is only for the gimbal and camera system. The version will only display correctly in DJI GO after connecting to the Internet when upgrade is complete.

3. Digital Zoom Control only supported by DJI GO app iOS v2.7.1. DJI GO app Android will support it in next version.


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