Update Probleme? Tip's von DJI zur Fehlersuche

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Update Probleme? Tip's von DJI zur Fehlersuche

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Wenn jemand mit dem Update beim Inspire oder P3 Probleme hat, hier sind Tip's von DJI, aus dem DJI Forum, zur Fehlersuche:

Quelle: http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=view ... #pid336151

Auf der Speicher Chipkarte im versteckten Verzeichnis "misc" das Log-File vom Update Vorgang öffnen.


THIS IS WHAT WE WANT - Look for information.

If NEXT TO 0800 and 1500 you see "Device not Detected" More than likely you can stop trying to fix it. In all the cases I have seen the Aircraft must be sent to DJI for Repair.
If line's at 0800 and 1500 say "How to Connect" then the Transmitter cannot communicate with the device. Check cable from transmitter to Device also inspect USB port on transmitter. Also change the device to test it as well.


This is for a PC ,Mac folks will have similar steps just differnt wording .

These are also some tips if you are having difficulty:

- After 1.3 the update FOR the Transmitter is NOT through the SD Card it is through The DJI go app and WI-FI connection.
-Always update the aircraft first-
-Make sure you download the proper firmware. If you have the Pro make sure not downloading for the Advanced or standard.
-Make sure you only download the Bin File to the FRESH FORMATTED SD CARD.
-Make sure transmitter is NOT on when downloading Firmware to aircraft ( VERY IMPORTANT)
-When installing SD with fresh firmware card in Aircraft make sure it is off. Then turn on aircraft, the firmware will then load.
-YOU CAN JUMP FROM 1.3 OR 1.4 TO 1.6. BUT if you have any problems Staistep from you current Firmware to the latest Firmware. (I personally always stairstep my firmware,) PLAY IT SAFE AND GO IN ORDER IN MY OPINION !!

- If you are AT Firmware 1.1 OR 1.2 YOU MUST UPLOAD 1.3 BEFORE GOING TO 1.6.
-All the firmware numbers for the RC - aircraft- Go App - Camera WONT BE THE SAME . For example the current aircraft firmware is but the RC Firmware is 1.5.70. A LOT OF FOLKS GET CONFUSED ON THIS (Including Yours Truly when first starting out.)
-Sometimes only the aircraft gets an update and not RC Transmitter Read the pdf on the dowloads page so you know whats going on for example is only for the aircraft and batteries.
-Make sure to read what each update is effecting. For example will require each battery to be updated as well. Keep Informed.
-Macs sometimes dont format SD cards well. When Formatting is in doubt FORMAT ON THE AIRCRAFT, go to camera settings on dji go app , open the tool icon , on bottom is Format SD card option
-Updates sometimes take a while, wait for the tone to change to d-dd d-dd d-dd d-dd d-dd d-dd d-dd or the green light even better.
-If you hear a long dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd it has failed.
-updating is not an option for just the aircraft, IF there is also an update at that time for the Transmitter you MUST do it.

- You cant Rollback the Battery Firmware once installed.

-When doing a Rollback , confirm the Current firmware on the Aircraft and then Rollback Firmware in Order. 1.6 CAN ONLY GO TO 1.5!

-These Tips are current as of March 10th , 2016. In the Future things may change of course.


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