Neue Firmware für Matrix 100 und Guidance

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Neue Firmware für Matrix 100 und Guidance

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New versions of the Matrice 100 and Guidance firmwares have just been released. Download the DJI Assistant 2 v0.1.122 from the Matrice 100 product page to update the firmware for your Matrice 100. For the Guidance, download the Guidance Assistant Software and Driver Installer v1.3 from the Guidance product page to update its firmware.

The Matrice 100’s DJI Assistant software has been updated to v0.0.122. The Firmware Update Package (Zenmuse X3) and Firmware Update Package (Zenmuse X5) have both been updated to v1.2.0.80.

What’s New for Matrice 100:

Assistant Software:
DJI Assistant 2, a new version of assistant that handles all major DJI products.

1. Reduced aircraft vibration and sudden drops in altitude.
2. Added protective measures to prevent unsafe takeoff.
3. Improved battery reliability when flying in cold conditions.
4. Optimized battery management.
5. Simplified obstacle sensing settings for the DJI Guidance system.
6. Zenmuse X3 now compatible with the Osmo, but must first be updated when mounted on the Matrice 100.
7. Optimized HDR performance for Zenmuse X3 camera.
8. Adjusted bitrates for Zenmuse X3 camera: 60Mbps (1080p60) and 40Mbps (1080p30).
9. Flight records now read-only.
10. SDK policy amendments: ...

1. You are advised to update all your Intelligent Flight Batteries with this firmware update package.
2. This firmware can be downgraded to v1.1.0.10 only.
3. You can only use DJI Assistant 2 to configure the Matrice 100 after this firmware update.
4. This firmware must be used with the DJI Guidance firmware v1.4.0.
5. Obstacle sensing is disabled for the Guidance system during RTH procedures.
6. DO NOT use this firmware to update the Osmo Zenmuse X3 gimbal.
7. If you have a DJI Osmo, you are recommended to calibrate the Zenmuse X3 gimbal on the Osmo handle after this firmware update. Hibernation and Gimbal Protection modes will not work on the Osmo.
8. Note the different model numbers on the Zenmuse X3 (model: FC350) and the Osmo Zenmuse X3 (model: X3/FC350H).

For Guidance, Firmware is upgraded to v1.4.0, SDK is upgraded to v1.4.0, Assistant Software is upgraded to v1.3.

Major Updates for Guidance:

1. Improved visual odometer algorithm with higher accuracy.
2. Fixed ultrasound data fluctuation issue when aircraft altitude is below 30cm.

Global frame position output (must connect N1 flight controller).

Assistant Software:
1. “Safety Distance” option for setting the minimum distance from obstacles.
2. Now automatically detects sensor errors.
3. Support for Windows 8 and 10.

(1) This firmware must be used with the N1 Flight Controller Firmware v3.1.5 or above.
(2) Obstacle sensing is disabled during the RTH procedure for the N1 Flight Controller Firmware v3.1.5. Be sure to set a suitable RTH altitude before every flight. .


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