I2 suported now

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I2 suported now

#1 Beitrag von Frank »

On this initial release step, the bulk of support is aimed at 01.02.0300. On all I2 firmware we can do all the basics such as flash firmware and expose the hidden system parameters, however on 1.02.0300 we have full support for removing NFZ's, firmware downgrades, accessing the ADB Rootshell (with a Professional License) and of course, the amazing Custom Flycontroller.

The removal of NFZ's and the intended target audience of this drone being professional users on filming locations is a killer deal. No longer will your shooting days be ruined by DJI's overreaching NFZ limitations resulting in your using inferior filming equipment or losing out on a job.

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Re: I2 suported now

#2 Beitrag von dieterste36 »

Now with support for Inspire 2 firmware 01.02.0500 (newest).


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