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Hacks in detail

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Custom Flycontroller
Have you been frustrated by the flight restrictions placed on your drone by DJI? Tired of having to ask China for permission to fly in your own yard or your favorite flying locale??

Have you lost job revenue by not being able to unlock your drone’s restrictions while on location?

Drone-Hacks present Custom Flycontroller! With Custom Flycontroller you are now able to:

Disable enforcement of DJI’s NFZ areas
Disable altitude limits
Allow more flight enhancements previously locked out to the user
Supported models include:

Spark — Mavic Pro and Platinum — Phantom 4 Standard, Pro, Advanced and now Phantom 4 Pro 2.0!

*Make sure you check the Drone-Hacks birdmap page for the specific firmware version requirements*

No Fly Zones
Drone-Hacks can remove the DJI No Fly Zone database from your supported drone model.

Please note: With the Custom Flycontroller hack, this hack will not be needed!

This hack will change your drone from CE mode to FCC mode. No more trying to use “fake GPS” or other similar “tricks”!

FCC mode has a higher power output than CE mode.
Boost mode will allow the highest RC output possible!
CE mode is <=20dBm (100mW) FCC mode is <=26dBm (<400mW).
Boost mode maximum is 1.8W or 1800mW.
For the Mavic Mini Boost mode, there are no specific mW values, this will boost your Remote Controller output to the maximum possible for your specific hardware. Due to regional hardware differences in place on the Mavic Mini by DJI, the results for maximum boost mode mW transmission power will be different on CE and FCC models. However: Tests showed that boost mode on the mavic mini will currently NOT give you as much power as if you use fakeGPS before every flight, we are working hard to see if it is possible to reach the same power levels persistent without the fakeGPS trick.
The DJI Smart Controller boost mode output power is only slightly more than FCC mode due to the hardware design.
ADB Rootshell
Are you a forensic company or gov. institution and need root access to the drone itself? This hack allows you to obtain an adb root shell, this way you can extract all needed data directly from the drone file system.

Flashing Firmware
Drone-Hacks allows you to flash your firmware on any supported drone, this includes upgrades and downgrades.

*Please note that at this time, downgrading of the Mavic2 Pro firmware – downgrade locked by DJI – is not possible.*

Drone-Hacks contains a robust parameter editor allowing changes to hundreds of settings hidden from you.

No more trying to mess around with “debug mode” using the old DJI Assistant that only supports older drones.

Created a custom parameter set you like? You can export this to save for later or to share with other Drone-Hacks users.

More Info: https://drone-hacks.com


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