USA beabsichtigen DJI Drohnen zu verbieten

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USA beabsichtigen DJI Drohnen zu verbieten

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Die USA beabsichtigen auch private DJI Drohnen zu verbieten.

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Übersetzung mit Google Translator:

The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI must expect further restrictions in the USA. According to a report by the Financial Times, the US Department of Interior is on the verge of stopping most of its civilian drone program. Approximately 1,000 drones, some or all of which come from Chinese production, are said to be affected. DJI is by far the largest manufacturer of civil drones with a global market share of more than 70 percent.
The background to the action against Chinese drones is the fear of espionage by the Chinese government and cyberattacks involving drones. As the "Financial Times" further reports, there should be exceptions, for example for emergency operations and natural disasters.
In Germany there is apparently no fear of Chinese espionage. Neither the Ministry of the Interior nor the Ministry of Transport take the manufacturer's country of origin into account when procuring drones, nor do they make the relevant specifications. "We do not have such a regulation," says the Federal Ministry of Transport.

The Interior Ministry has dealt with the problem, according to its own statements. "The risk of a possible data outflow for products from the Chinese manufacturer DJI is generally known to the Federal Police and the Federal Criminal Police Office," it says on request. However, there is no concrete information about possible espionage activities through the use of drones from Chinese production.


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